First posts being first

So, let me start off by saying welcome.  I hope you enjoy the random bits of insanity and reviews that come strait out of my head and onto the page here.  Strictly speaking, this isn’t my first blog, I’ve done it a few times before, but never been remarkably good about actually keeping up with it, but we’ll see how this one goes.

Still learning how to format on this site, so if it looks a bit funky, or at least not up to MLA standards (like I’ll ever be 100% MLA anyway, psh), that’s likely why.  For instance, in the creating tool here, it looks like this is automatically double spaced when I do a carriage return.  We’ll see if that actually happens though, LOL.

Anyway, about me, because that’s what most blogs are, aren’t they?  Self aggrandizing verbal and/or pictorial masturbations of self worth.  The trope’s been done to death, but I actually don’t intend to reveal much about the meatsuit behind the keyboard.  Please do not mind the man behind the curtain, he sure as hell doesn’t mind you.  That said, this blog is an infodump for me, a place where I intend to go to unwind, spill out my thoughts, maybe even learn a thing or two, and write a bit about what I’ve seen, done and intend to do.

You’ll see a lot of anime and manga reviews here, most likely, as well as some food stuff.  I’ll likely talk about my friends on various games and in real life, as well as the games themselves.  I play a variety, though I mostly shy away from most twitch gaming.  When God was passing out the twitch factor, I think I was taking a double portion of the introspection line instead.  LOL  But hey, no one’s perfect, and if I suck at being able to split-second blow someone’s brains out, I don’t really see the problem anyway.  Though that being said, Borderlands is love, but that will be a post for another day.

Anyway, we’re clocking in over 300 words now, so I figure this small essay is big enough for my opening act.  Thanks again for coming by, and I hope you enjoy reading what I throw up.

Ja ne!

The Ranting Loon


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