Just a random little post

Nothing new and earth shattering here today, just been doing a little introspection while I’ve been stuck at work today.  When I was younger, I wrote collective stories with my friends, as well as backgrounds for entire fantastic worlds and universes.  Occasionally, I look back at these little bits of fancy and debate with myself on reviving them somehow.

A friend reminded me today about the stories even, which reminded me of the fun I once had, back when I was a generally more creative person.  I’m not really sure what happened to the me that wrote poetry and built worlds and played with Legos, etc.  I have a few theories, some darker than others, but honestly, I really don’t know why I stopped.  I know the excuses of course, my first project was too ambitious, I often wrote myself into a corner, I wasn’t “inspired”, so much of my work was just a rehash or copy of other material, etc.  But I know that these were just that, excuses to hold me back.  I gave in to them, but I never really inspected just why I’d given up so easily.

In a way, a lot was going on in my life then.  I was in the middle of that awkward stage where attraction means more than just finding someone funny or entertaining to be around, I was starting to wrestle with powerful things like depression and withdrawing myself from, well, pretty much everything.  I basically shut my dreams deep inside me.  Truthfully, I haven’t had a literally memorable dream since then even, odd as that may sound.  Maybe that’s as deep as it goes, really, sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar.

Anyway, the point of all of this is that I’ve been thinking about it off and on again, finishing up the writings on the backgrounds for my varied worlds, putting together stories, etc.  I think I’m going to do it, and I’ll be sure to post up little teasers here for you, my readers, to look at and even help with if you’re so interested.  I’ve always done it with a group of people before, and I see little reason to stop now.  Sadly, I don’t really have any ready-made teasers quite yet, but we’ll see, and I hope you like it.

Ja ne!

The Ranting Loon


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