It’s a really scary thing to realize that the job you’re currently working isn’t secure by any stretch of the imagination.  Better to realize it now rather than when you’re given the pink slip, sure, but at least in my shoes, this means putting yourself out in dozens of applications, worried that lack of training here, or the fact that I chose a foray into hedonism instead of completing my degree (a fact I’ve regretted pretty much ever since I grew up enough to walk away from that lifestyle) puts me immediately out from being able to even be considered for what might otherwise be a dream job.

Case in point, I had a great lead for a job that is something I’ve been doing as a hobby (and semi-professionally, off the books) of working a computer help desk, assisting with installing things, both in hardware and software, basic maintenance of PC-type machines, etc.  The rig I’m using currently is the first in a long while that I didn’t build myself, and even that has been upgraded by my hand with a new modem and graphics card.  Alas, I am not A+ or Network + nor Microsoft certified, nor do I have a Bachelor’s degree in anything, let alone a tech field. so I do not qualify for the job.

In the end, it serves as a frustration, but also a reminder that just because I am closer to my midlife than I am to my highschool years that I shouldn’t stop learning and working on getting those certifications.  I can’t change my past, but I can after all change my future and my present.  So wish me luck while I fill out these forms and get back to studying for my varied certifications, etc.  I’ll of course keep you posted.

Ja ne!

The Ranting Loon


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